9 Ways to Avoid the Scams

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What is a Make-Money-Online Scam

A Make-Money-Online Scam is a specific plan intended to get people to hand over personal and private information.

The bottom line is that there are more and more people out there who scam people out of their money. It’s sad, but hopefully after reading this article you will feel more confident in spotting them.

The Purpose of a Scam

Let’s talk about the intent behind a scam before we show you tips to avoid them.

Although scam artists may have different reasons, the goal is usually one of two things. They are either trying to steal your money outright. Or they are trying to steal your information. In most cases, theft of information is much more dangerous than theft of a bank card.

The scam itself could have a more specific target relating to financial and information theft such as:

  • selling your personal information
  • credit card theft/identity theft
  • stealing confidential login info remotely
  • corrupting your phone or computer with a virus
  • making you spend more and more money without seeing the process

Do Your Research

I know it’s temping to click on the email that guarantees hundreds of dollars overnight, but don’t. If it were that easy then everyone would be doing it. Don’t fall for something that could drain your bank account or worse.

I have been victim to credit card theft and it was because I didn’t do my research into the company. And because of this, I almost didn’t sign-up for Wealthy Affiliate.

Check out my post on Wealthy Affiliate Here for more information.


Change Your Mindset

Stop looking for something that is going to make you rich overnight. It’s not going to happen. Maybe if you got super lucky in the crypto market, but no legitimate Make-Money-Online program will instantly make you wealthy.

If you have tunnel vision and are only looking for something that will make you rich overnight, then you will fall victim.

Bottom line, you will have to put in the work in order to make money online no matter what process you go with.

Shady and Confusing

You might think you have found a deal if a program is only $9.99 to start. Sadly, most of these are followed up with more money having to be spent. The initial $9.99 may get you into the community but there are so many tools that you will need.

Added expenses could include:

  • Website Hosting – Up to $100/month
  • Website Training – $100 – $999/month
  • Keyword/Research Tool – $19 – $49/month
  • Domain Fees – $9.99 – $19.99/month

As you can see, these added expenses could get very expensive very quickly. Look for an overview of the program with prices before you make a single payment. A ton of legitimate platforms offer these tools with the initial fee. So do your research because you can find these tools for much less than the scam will offer them to you for.

Never Told Your Job

Please, please, please stay away from programs that promise you thousands of dollars without telling you what your job will be. There are so many scams out there that will promise you Heaven & Earth but they never say what the job entails.

If the program doesn’t state on the very first page what you’ll have to do, LEAVE!

Keep Your Private Information Private

In the beginning of this Post I mentioned the reason behind a scam is to access personal information. You need to keep your private information private.

Look for a program that offers a free trial. These days a lot of them do. But to be more specific, find a program that allows you a trial period WITHOUT having to provide a debit or credit card to sign up. These types of programs do exist.

Personally, I started out with Wealthy Affiliate simply for that reason. I am now a Premium Member at WA because of the tools and training that came with a paid member.

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No Community

Could you make a living creating something online all by yourself? Maybe you could, but think of the possibilities if you had an entire community to help.

Any legitimate program will have a community of support. If you’re looking at a program and they don’t mention a community of members, it’s probably not legit.

No community = SCAM

Everything’s Done For You

Wouldn’t that be the dream job? I wish there were programs out there were you could buy and install, and just sit and watch the money roll in. Unfortunately, it is a dream job for a reason.

Stay away from programs that claim you don’t have to do anything or that everything is done for you. This simply isn’t real. To make any sort of money online you are going to have to put in some effort. Whether you are taking affiliate links and posting them all over the web or making YouTube videos to promote, some sort of work will be needed.

For 99% of Make-Money-Online programs, you only get out of it what you are willing to put into it.

No Owner or Info

Any legitimate business on the planet has an owner. And if you cannot find the owners name or any information on how to contact them, that’s a red flag.

With Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle & Carson are very much engaged.

They are available if you need help. They are even the default go-to coaches when you click the “Help” dropdown on the WA website.

Just today I had to contact Kyle to get this website straightened out after I purchased a .com domain for the first time.

If you don’t see this type of transparency from the owners, you may want to do more research. And if you can’t find any owner information at all, LEAVE.

Fake Success Stories

I would always find it funny when I would see the exact same success story on multiple platforms. You could tell that someone was just copying and pasting all day long.

Scroll though and read a handful of the stories. Look at how many times the exact same story is shared but by different people. This is a huge red flag and if you see it, LEAVE.

Check out this article on How To Avoid the Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Scams written by Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder, Kyle.



***While I do not get paid to write reviews, I am paid a small commission for anyone who signs up through my referral links on this page.***

10 thoughts on “9 Ways to Avoid the Scams”

  1. Today, you have alert me about scammers on the internet I might be one the victims but today you have cleared after reading your article, the information is clear. And I must agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate, I’m also a premium member at wealthy affiliate,  wealthy affiliate is legit platform. Thank you for such alerting information.

    • Hey, Alinafe, thanks for checking out the post. 

      Even if you already knew some of these, a refresher is never a bad thing, haha. 

      Have a good day and thanks for the comment!

  2. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing but I already learnt that there are multiple platforms online which promise you great earnings almost without work. Its obviously a scam as work in internet is the same work as everywhere else – you need to put lot of effort to get results. Your advices and recommendations are great help, and for sure I will use it to assess if program is trustful.

    • Hey, Cogito!

      Thanks for checking out the article. I’m glad you found it useful.

      There are probably 10 scams out there for every 1 legitimate offer. So no matter what type of make money online (MMO) you go with, make sure you do the research…

      Again, thanks for stopping by! 

  3. Thank you for training us on how to avoid scams. There are some points that you mention here, that now that I read them from you, sound obvious. But I had not originally thought in them myself. And I am sure I would have fallen if a scam would have come my way with these characteristics. This has been a very useful post.

    • IMO, even if one were already privy to everything in this article, it’s never a bad thing to have a little reminder from time to time. 

      Thanks for checking out the article, Ann. 

  4. Very useful advice for everybody, especially beginners. You mentioned doing research a couple of times and one good way of doing that is to study the reviews of certain programs, not one but several. In that way, you will get a very good insight into the program at hand.

    I personally always take a look at their contractual conditions, which may indicate a scam is at hand or not. Some are completely one-sided, some are horrendous, some will not give you any rights, except the right to pay.

  5. Thanks for sharing this superb article. I really enjoyed reading that as it was very well written and informative.

    Unfortunately in this age of internet boom which we are currently living in, there are a whole load of scams out there that we need to be aware of.theres always predators out there looking for those looking to get rich quick.

    I’d much sooner go for a product with a higher price and No upsells than one who tries to hide their price in upsells.

    It was also the Starter membership trial that appealed to me about the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

  6. Thank you for sharing this much needed article – 9 Ways to Avoid the Scams. The timing is just perfect as a lot of us are now searching for jobs online. If you have an authentic business, you as the owner should be proud to be affiliated with the business. Not seeing any information on the owner is definitely a red flag.

  7. Hello, I learned more details more about the scam site and its purposes. I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member and it is a legit platform for people who wants to be independent free from revenue. The way you explain the details of the information is great and Thank you for sharing this wonderful information and I hope many people find it useful.


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