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Free Keyword Tool

Looking to find high quality keywords for your marketing campaigns? Simply perform a search below to START your research.

Getting Started with Jaaxy

There is a ton that you can do on Jaaxy, even with the Free Membership. Just to keep things simple, I’m going to go in line with the picture from left to right. This is what the top of your Jaaxy account will like like when signed in.

Jaaxy Page Header Screenshot


If you are writing content for your website(s) or someone else’s site(s), the the Search Tab will be your most used tab. I say it that way because some people just want to use this platform to make Affiliate Commissions, which is 100% okay!

Let’s try to break down and simplify the Search Tab.


After selecting the Search Tab, it will be on the Keywords Tab by default. This is where you want to be to get started finding the best keywords.

Jaaxy Search Keywords Screenshot

After performing your first keyword search, you will see 6 columns labeled AVG (Average), Traffic, QSR (Quoted Search Results), KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Domains.

AVG: The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.
Traffic: Visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines
QSR (Qualified Search Results): The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.
You want this number to be as low as possible. The number indicates your competition.
KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): Green is Great, Yellow is Okay, Red is Poor.
SEO: A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale of 1-100, higher = better).
Domains: Availability of domains that are related to the keyword.

Alphabet Soup

The Alphabet Soup Tab is a great strategy to use when looking for a wide variety of keywords.

I performed a keyword search of “keyword tool” for this exercise. After the results have generated, you can simply click and drag the “Alphabet Bar” to the next letter, or you can just scroll down the page. This will give you results such as: A – keyword tools keyword analyzer, B – best keyword tool for finding awesome keywords, C – competitive keyword tool, and so on. It will give you results for all 26 letters.

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Screenshot

You want to make sure the keyword phrases you use make sense. The second result that popped up under A is “keyword tools keyword analyzer keyword,” that doesn’t make much sense.

Once you locate a few of them you want to use, click on “Search on This” to the right of the Keyword Phrase you want. This will automatically perform a search on that phrase where it will give you the AVG, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO, and Domains.

You can also add the Keyword Phrase you choose to the “Brainstorm” tab.

Have you ever been performing a Google search and when you start typing, you see Suggested Searches pop up? You could use Google for the Alphabet Soup strategy, but with Jaaxy it is all on one page for the easiest access.

Saved Lists

The Saved Lists tab is pretty self explanatory, but I will show you how to created Saved Lists, which is very simple.

You’ll need to go back and perform a Keyword Search.

Jaaxy Search Keywords Save to List Screenshot

There are checkable boxes directly to the left of every single Keyword Search Result. All you need to do to save it to a list is click on the box to the left of the desired Keyword Phrase, and then click Save to List. After selecting Save to List, you will be asked to either create a new Saved List, or add the selected Keyword Phrase to an already Saved List.

Search History

Search History is where you go to look at any past searches you have performed.

Jaaxy Search Search History Screenshot

You will see 4 columns on this page that include:

Keyword: The keyword that you entered into the search box and performed a search for.
Search Type: What kind of search was performed (keywords/alphabet soup/affiliate program/search analysis).
Details: Details of the search (phrase/URL/search engine).
Date: The date when the search was performed.

If you click on a Keyword of Keyword Phrase it will take you back to the Keyword Search Results.

Search Analysis

Search Analysis is where you can come to search Keywords and Keyword Phrases to see which websites are on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Jaaxy Search Search Analysis Screenshot

The 3 columns you’ll see here indicate the following:

Position: The first page position that the website is ranked for in the selected Search Engine.
Search Engine Listing: The search engine result for the selected search engine.
Details: Click the view details link to analyze the webpage.

The result in the picture above with the red box around it is my website that you’re on. I took a screenshot of the Bing results because I’m ranked #2. On Google I am only ranked #9 for the time being.

If you click on the View Details button, you will see more information on the website like you see on mine.

Word Count: Total number of words on the website (page).
Links on Site: Total number of external and internal links on page.
Back Links: Number of sites that link to this website.
Alexa Rank: Current Alexa rank.
Adsense: Does this site have Adsense ads?

Affiliate Programs

The Affiliate Programs tab is where you will go to find products from vendors that you have the opportunity to sell.

Jaaxy Search Affiliate Programs Screenshot

The 5 columns that you will see when performing an Affiliate Program Search are:

Affiliate Program Name: The name of the Affiliate Program.
Product Website: The website associated with this Affiliate Program.
Commission: The commission details.
Alexa Rank: The traffic ranking for this website (lower = more traffic)
Network: The Affiliate Network that this product of service is part of.

If you look at the picture above, you will see a red rectangle around a dropdown tab. With this tab you can search products for specific networks such as Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate), Link Share, Digital River, and ClickBank.


The Brainstorm Tab is a great place to go for just what it says, brainstorming.

Jaaxy Brainstorms Screenshot

Here you will see different topics organized by individual platforms. The 5 columns you see will separate:

Rank: The rank of how popular this keyword is in the respective feed.
Google Trends: Feed from Google Trends.
Alexa Topics: Feed from Alexa Topics.
Amazon Best Sellers: Feed from Amazon Best Sellers list.
Twitter Trends: Feed of trending keywords on Twitter.

If you are stuck or just looking for topics to write about, this is a good place to come for new ideas.

Site Rank

Site Rank is the tab that will tell you how each of your websites rank with a Keyword of Keyword Phrase.

Jaaxy Site Rank Search Screenshot

Here you can check your Search Engine Rankings for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Simply enter the Keyword or Keyword Phrase, type in your website, and hit Search to see your results.

Tracked Rankings

Just like the Saved Lists tab, Tracked Rankings is where you would go to see rankings that you are tracking (Site Rankings you have performed and want to keep track of).

Jaaxy Site Rank Tracked Rankings Screenshot

Here you will have it broken down into these 8 columns.

Keyword: The keyword that you entered into the search box and performed a search.
URL: The URL that you entered into the search box and performed a search.
Scans: Total Scans.
Frequency: How often it is being scanned.
Google: Shows Google position.
Yahoo: Shows Yahoo position.
Bing: Shows Bing position.
Tracking: Are you currently tracking?

This is a great tab to use when wanting to know how well all your hard work is paying off!

Affiliate Program

Unlike the Affiliate Programs we went over earlier, this tab is for the Jaaxy Affiliate Program. In simpler words, this is how you make money with Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Details Screenshot

Towards the top of this screenshot, you should see your own Affiliate Link for Jaaxy. I deleted mine on the picture just to keep this simple.

On this screen Jaaxy has an earnings calculator. If you look to the right side of the screenshot, you will see that I entered very low (the lowest) numbers to show you how much money this Program can really make you.

If you get 1 (ONE) person a day to sign up, and you get 10% of those people to Upgrade Their Membership and the average person keeps their Membership 6 months, you will generate $1,260 every month. That comes out to a total of $15,120 a year.

My Stats and Linking & Tracking

My Stats and Linking & Tracking are 2 separate tabs under the Affiliate Program Tab for Jaaxy.

My Stats is the tab you would use to check up on and keep track of the number of Clicks, Referrals, and Sales generated from your Jaaxy Affiliate Links.

Linking & Tracking is a neat tab that you can navigate to for a few more Jaaxy Affiliate Links.

Jaaxy Links & Tracking Screenshot

Here you can also find the Jaaxy Keyword Search Plugin that you can add to your website by simply copying YOUR script code into your website.

The script that you see under YOUR Links & Tracking Tab is unique to you as it contains your Affiliate ID for commission purposes.

NOTE: I have this exact plugin installed at the top of this article.


Like every other platform under the sun, there are Upgrade Options available with Jaaxy.

Upgrade Options for Jaaxy

You can try Jaaxy out completely FREE if you’re still up in the air about it.

But there is one very important thing I would like to mention before I leave you today…

If you are in the market for an amazing Affiliate Training Program but don’t want to pay for a thousand different services, try Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is complete FREE, but if you upgrade from the Starter Membership (FREE) to the Premium Membership ($49/month), Jaaxy Lite ($19/month) will be included. So, instead of paying a monthly fee for an Affiliate Training Program as well as a Keyword Search Tool monthly fee, you could pay $49/month for both.

And there is so much more that you get when becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Member that makes this (free) risk totally worth it.

If you are interested in learning more about Wealthy Affiliate, read my Review and learn about the BONUS!

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions or comments just drop them down below!


***While I do not get paid to write reviews, I am paid a small commission for anyone who signs up through my referral links on this page.***

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