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Are All of the Work From Home Jobs a Scam?

The first thing I did when I decided to start working from home was to do a google search.  I was searching phrases like learn how to make money from home for free or how to start working from home for free.

It seemed like every single website I came across was a scam. All of them promised to pay $237 a day and blah, blah, blah… But, I was eager to make money and I wanted to do it fast, so I click on one. Okay, I clicked on a lot more than just one.

For 4 week, literally a month, I was searching online for a quick work from home job. I was looking for anything that I could start making money with every day, not realizing that’s not how the real world works. Sure, there are jobs that you can make hundreds of dollars a day downloading videos and reposting them or copy and pasting links all day long.

The problem with doing the download thing is that that the sites are untrusted and most files come standard with special viruses to infect your device. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Either one of those methods could make you daily income if you wanted to do the same repetitive task every single day, many many times. Though I don’t believe either of those methods could generate enough income online for you to quit your day job. That is your overall goal of this, isn’t it? To make enough passive income to be able to enjoy your life the way that you want to?

Something’s Gotta Give

After those 4 weeks of searching and getting my hopes up I came across an Affiliate Program that was literally free to try. Most Free-Trials require you to provide a credit/debit card to proceed with whatever they’re offering. But Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t. As soon as you provide some very basic info you will have access to the first part of their Bootcamp Program as well as the first part of their Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

This Affiliate Program is an almost guaranteed way to earn passive income. They reason I say “almost” is because you only get out of it what you put in. Let’s say you sign up for the program and you create a website. But you never come back to put any content or product onto that site. Do you think money is just going to magically start populating out of thin air? Because it isn’t. With a program like this you will need to put in the time. But sadly, most people want something that will start earning them money immediately without working for it.

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that you will keep earning month after month. Do you wish you could take a day off and still get paid? Maybe you can do that now but you have a use a valuable sick day to do so. That’s not the case here. You can work as much as you want or as little as you want. You can work from you bed or your kitchen table. Do you want to check in and add something while you’re on vacation? You can do that, too. You can literally make your own hours! But the most important thing you have to remember is YOU.

It’s All Up To You

Using a program like Wealthy Affiliate you can make money a few different ways. Probably the easiest way to make money through them is their own Affiliate Program. To some people this is much easier than creating multiple websites to sell product on. Some people that go though Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program run a website detailing their experience with it. On such websites they can blog about their journey through the Making Money Online process. Or they could have detailed Posts about how to accomplish a task within Wealthy Affiliate. There are many benefits to going through their Affiliate Bootcamp Program but they main one is monthly passive income.

Just below and to the right I have inserted an image showing the basics of how this program works and the commission you would receive

These are some of the figures you would start to see if you joined and went through their program. If you create a website to promote Wealthy Affiliate and have everything set up correctly, it will make money for you.

Once you have a website set up and it’s generating traffic on a regular basis you will see recurring monthly passive income. The more that you post on your website, the more popularity your website will get. The more popular your website gets, the more money you make from your passive online business.

Imagine The Possibilities

Through your website(s), and maybe even your social media if you are advertising there, you can gain referrals with ease. Think of it like this. According to the study that Wealthy Affiliate has done, 1 out of 8 people who start their program sign up for their Premium Membership.

If you have that 12% conversion rate, can get 5 people a day to sign up, you could make up to $2,308 a month. That’s an extra $27,696 a year if you can get just 5 people a day to sign up. I know that probably sounds like a lot of legwork. And if this was the year 1995, you would probably have to go out and get the commissions from people you know. Using an Affiliate Program like this to sell success is much easier because there are literally billions who have access to the internet.

That example of 5 people a day to get an extra $2,308 a month is just that, an example. Go BIGGER. Imagine if you could get 15 people a day. That could be as much as $6,975 a month! That’s more than the average American brings home in a month’s time. In 2019, the average yearly wage in America was $51,916.27. If you could get that goal of 15 people a day and can do that for a year, you’d make more than $80,000 that year just for promoting an Affiliate program that will in turn help others! Talk about a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Unless you already have a website generating traffic, this process is going to take a little bit. Most people who do any type of Affiliate Marketing Program don’t see a return for 6-12 months, maybe even longer. You’ll need to post content to your sight on a semi regular basis. This doesn’t mean that you need to post 3 articles a day and spend 10 hours on the computer every day. I’ve heard of people who have had success getting a website indexed by posting 3 new articles a week. But if you go that route, you’ll need to be consistent with it and do it for a few weeks, maybe even a few months straight.

To get the most traffic, I would advice you to post as much as you can. But don’t overload your page with garbage. And please don’t make every other word a hyperlink. I mean, you can, but doing that will make it look gaudy and can drive people away from your content. That’s the last thing you want to do when trying to create steady revenue. To help get you on your feet and headed in the right direction you should look into the Affiliate Bootcamp Program that I’ve mentioned before.

With the Affiliate Bootcamp program there are 7 Courses totaling 70 Lessons. As a Free Starter Member you won’t have access to all of it. But you will be able to go through Bootcamp Course #1 completely free of charge so you can decide if it’s something you want to pursue. This is not a training course that you will finish in 2 days and make $10,000 your first month.

How Bad Do You Want It

This is where YOU come in, again. You will need to put in the time and learn the best ways to do what they’re trying to teach you. Take your time and go slow. If you rush through the training there is a good chance you will miss something small but important. And then you’ll get frustrated because you’ll have to go back to the training to figure it out.

This is a program that will make some money for you if you are willing to do the work. Nothing about this program is a scam. It is a program and if you do not follow it, chances are you won’t be too successful.

Until Next Time

Hopefully you learned a little something about How To Earn Online From Home. There are many ways to make money from here but his is one that I trust. If you are interested in see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, here are some links:

***While I do not get paid to write reviews, I am paid a small commission for anyone who signs up through my referral links on this page.***

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  1. Hi, I’m pleased to meet you.

    Well, this is very well presented, it’s very clear and precise. I think anyone who wishes to know how to earn online from home can easily follow until they get started. I am very happy to have joined a legit platform, Wealthy Affiliate, though I am still hoping to earn and reach my dreams. 

    This is helpful, best wishes!

    • Hey, Kokontala! Thanks for the comment. 

      Keep working hard and producing good content on your posts/pages. Staying organized and neat will (I think) attract more traffic to your site and get people engaged in the comments. 

      Thanks for checking out my post. Glad to have you in the Community! Find a legit platform can be difficult but I’m glad you found your way to Wealthy Affiliate! 

      Your success is in YOUR hands!

  2. I have never been scammed but the first 2 or 3 platforms I came across were scams. My intuition made me back their offers. But I started to think that all we would find on the Internet were scams when it came to helping us make money online. However, there are some great programs out there too. Thanks for returning courage to some of us.

    • Thanks for checking out the post, Ann.

      Scams are always a risk when looking for ways to earn money online. It is up to us (the person looking) to do the research to make sure we are making the best educated decision.

      Once again, thanks for the comment!

  3. Thank you for very interesting article. I started my adventure with digital marketing recently, but I already learnt that sites which offers you hundreds dollars a day with little work are just a scam. Its work as every other, and you need patience and engagement to achieve results. But I couldn’t agree more that wealthy affiliate is best place to start. With tons of training materials, supportive community and webhosting it gives you great opportunity to learn how to earn money online.

    • Hey, Cogito, thanks for checking out the post. 

      You are 100% correct, patience and engagement are keys to being successful at any level in Making Money Online. 

  4. The content is clear and precise. Using imagery is great on your pages and you add them in precisely as needed. I also put out a page similar maybe you can it a look and give me feed back as well. What a great platform to follow and show others the how to of affiliate marketing

    kind regards 


  5. Hi, this is a very interesting article. I’ve been once scammed but this was bcs I wasn’t researching enough about that company. They have been told me that I can earn double my invested amount but I lost it all. The information you have provided in this article I will take into consideration and I will recommend this platform as a reliable source to my friends.  You are perfectly right when you said that in order to succeed you need to be consistent and post more than 1 time per month. Thank you I have no further questions for you.


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