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Keywords are very important for anyone who is creating online content for a website.

You know when you go to Google and you search a single word or a phrase? Those are the keywords. If you have solid content with good keywords, your websites will rank higher with Google.

But you need to know where to find good keywords and keyword phrases, and Jaaxy is one of the best.


Looking to find high quality keywords for your marketing campaigns? Simply perform a search below to START your research.

Jaaxy Review

Jaaxy Review

Name: Jaaxy
Price: Starter Membership (FREE) – Pro Membership ($49/Month) – Enterprise ($99/Month)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 96 out of 100

Jaaxy Overview

Jaaxy, Your Competitive Edge Starts Here.
Jaaxy is the industry’s only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. There are an incredible number of hands on processes that are very time consuming when it comes to your business. Keyword and competition research can now be a breeze!

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research.
(Directly from

The Good & The Bad


Free! – Jaaxy is completely free to start and try. You only need to upgrade if you want more out of the program.

Multiple Search Engine Results – Jaaxy has the ability to provide search results for Google, Bing, & Yahoo Search Engines.

Multiple Keyword Search Tools – There are many different search features such as Keyword Search & Alphabet Soup.

Easy of Access – Jaaxy’s interface is easy to work with & simple for beginners to pick up.

Use It Anywhere – Jaaxy is an Online Program, meaning you can access it from anywhere in the world with internet.

Training – You don’t just sign up and get thrown to the wolves. There are training videos if you’re brand new to Jaaxy or Keyword Search Tools in general.

Mobile Friendly – Jaaxy’s interface is easily accessed right from your smartphone!


Cannot Specify Local/Global Search

Language? – There isn’t a way to change the language on the website. You’ll need to do this in the website browser instead.

Limited Free Starter Membership – Anyone successful didn’t get that way giving away tools. Having said that; Jaaxy is free to start and use, but you will probably need to upgrade to take full advantage of the program.

Who Benefits with Jaaxy

Jaaxy isn’t intended only for Affiliate Marketers. This program can help out people of different careers/jobs.

People who will benefit from Jaaxy are:

  • Anyone looking for new quality keywords (Bloggers, Short Story Authors, Etc…)
  • Website owners looking for ideas on new content
  • Anyone looking for a new profitable niche
  • Affiliate Marketers looking to find new Affiliate Programs for their niche
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertisers
  • Internet Marketers who want to know how their sites rank on Google, Bing, & Yahoo for specific keywords

Those are just a few examples of individuals who will benefit from this amazing program.

Tools & Training Jaaxy Provides

Jaaxy Home Page Screenshot - Top Tool Tabs
Jaaxy Home Page Screenshot – Top Tool Tabs

Jaaxy offers everything you need to create solid and engaging content for your website.

You can use Jaaxy to search for keywords specifically, or you can use their Alphabet Soup approach.

Keyword Search

Jaaxy’s Keyword Search provides a lot of useful information for the user.

After performing a search, you will get results that are filtered through 5 separate categories.

AVG: The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.
Traffic: Visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines
QSR (Qualified Search Results): The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.
You want this number to be as low as possible. The number indicates your competition.
KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): Green is Great, Yellow is Okay, Red is Poor.
SEO: A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale of 1-100, higher = better).
Domains: Availability of domains that are related to the keyword.

Alphabet Soup

The Alphabet Soup approach is useful when looking for multiple suggestions for your writing material.

The cool thing with this approach is that you pretty much get 260+ search results!

Have you ever noticed the “suggestions” that pop up when doing a search on Google search?

Alphabet Soup is pretty much like that. Only it gives you results for all 26 letters (and some numbers) without having to backspace and type the next letter in the alphabet

Getting 260+ search results from a single Keyword or Keyword phrase is phenomenal.

To navigate from letter-to-letter, simply drag the “Letter Bar” (directly under the search bar once a search is performed), or just scroll down the page.

More Features

Keyword Search and Alphabet are far form being all you can do with Jaaxy.

You can also:

  • Save Lists
  • View Search History
  • Perform Search Analysis
  • Search Affiliate Programs (CJ Affiliate, ClickBank, LinkShare, Digital River)
  • Brainstorm
  • View Your Site Rankings (Rankings in Google, Bing & Yahoo)
  • Access Jaaxy’s Affiliate Program
  • View Training Videos in Jaaxy Help tab

Once you have solid content on your website with the right keywords, you can come back to Jaaxy and look at your Site Rank with a specific keyword search.

I have provided an example of my website ( being ranked #1 in Bing with with the search of “Top 10 YouTube WordPress Videos.”

Personal Screenshot from my Jaaxy Site Ranking


If you notice on the picture, it doesn’t look like my website is showing up in Google or Yahoo Searches. If yours looks like this, don’t freak out. I do not have the Enterprise Membership with Jaaxy, so I will only see the 1st page results.

Keep posting content regularly onto your website and you will start to see results like this.

There are also some “shortcuts” to being ranked in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but that’s a lesson for another day.

Membership Prices with Jaaxy

If you just want to test Jaaxy out without having to pay anything upfront? You’re in luck.

Jaaxy offeres 3 membership packages:

  • Free Starter Trial
  • Pro ($49/Month)
  • Enterprise ($99/Month)
Jaaxy Membership Programs and Prices

My Honest Opinion of Jaaxy

I may be biased about Jaaxy, but I’ll never use another Keyword Tool. At least I have no intention on switching at this point in time.

Because of how easy Jaaxy is to navigate and use, I have been able to get Posts and Pages indexed and ranked in search engines (Google Search, Bing Search, Yahoo Search) in just a couple weeks (actually less than 48 hours for a few of my Posted Articles).

With the Tools provides and the Training that’s available in the Jaaxy Help tab, you can achieve these rankings, too!

Click Here for an in depth Jaaxy Walk Through, check out my post on Finding Keywords the Right Way or simply click on the picture below!

The True Affiliate – Finding Keywords the Right Way

Jaaxy at a Glance

Name: Jaaxy
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Price: Starter Membership (FREE) – Pro Membership ($49/Month) – Enterprise ($99/Month)
Overall Rank: 96 out of 100

Verdict: LEGIT

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Wealthy Affiliate is complete FREE, but if you upgrade from the Starter Membership (FREE) to the Premium Membership ($49/month)Jaaxy Lite ($19/month) will be included. So, instead of paying a monthly fee for an Affiliate Training Program as well as a Keyword Search Tool monthly fee, you could pay $49/month for both.

And there is so much more that you get when becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Member that makes this (free) risk totally worth it.

If you are interested in learning more about Wealthy Affiliate, read my Review and learn about the BONUS!

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions or comments just drop them down below!


***While I do not get paid to write reviews, I am paid a small commission for anyone who signs up through my referral links on this page.***


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