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There are many things you can do with a Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Starter Membership. For the purpose of this Post, we will stick to the absolute basics of WordPress with your WA Starter Membership. 

Scroll down to the end for a YouTube video walkthrough on WordPress 101.

Any hyperlink you click on will open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place on this screen. 

Getting Started

When you first go to the Wealthy Affiliate Homepage you will be greeted with this screen.

The number 1 thing that caught my eye when looking into Wealthy Affiliate is that you don’t have to provide any payment information for the Starter Membership. So there is absolutely ZERO risk to you with the Starter Membership.

The actual process of creating a Starter Membership Account is very simple. All you need is a First & Last name, Create a Username (and Password) + an email address!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate

When you begin your Free Starter Membership, you will instantly have access to Niche and Bootcamp Training Course.

No matter which training you start with, whether is is the Niche Training course (Certification Core Training) or the Affiliate Bootcamp Training (Bootcamp Core Training), one of the first things the training will have you do is create a website.

Don’t stress about this. Creating a website with Wealthy Affiliate through WordPress is one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.

I’m not kidding. I would compare the process to tying your shoe. It’s that simple.

Accessing Your WordPress Back Office

When you’re just getting started with any online business, things can seem very overwhelming. Here at Wealthy Affiliate we break it down so far and provide step-by-step instructions with tasks to complete for every lesson.

Having these tasks to complete every lesson make it much easier for you to keep up and keep track of where you are in the training.

After you have a FREE website subdomain (example.siterubix.com), the door is wide open for you to do almost anything you want on you FREE WEBSITE!

To get into your WordPress Back Office, you can do it one of 2 ways. Either way will get you to the same location.

On the WA Home Page, up at the top you will see a Drop Down tab labeled “Websites.” Click on it and then click on “SiteManager.” From here you simply click on the (blue) Log-In button that you will see towards the bottom left. And then hit the second Log-In button when it asks you to.

The second (and quicker/easier way) to Log-In to you WordPress Back Office is a little quicker. But I wanted to show you both ways just so that you knew. You’re going to click on “Websites” up at the top just like we did the first time. You will see your new website on the dropdown on the left-hand side. From here you simply click “Log-In,” and then click it again when the secondary Log-In window opens.

WordPress Back Office Home Screen

To keep things simple since you are just getting started, I will talk about the basics. You will notice the bright green square on the left-hand side of the picture. These are your “Content Tabs” for creating content on your website.

You will constantly be using Posts, Media, and Pages during the beginning stages of building your website. The Comments tab is something that you will use, but you won’t need to worry about until you get content on your page and start receiving comments on that Post/Page.

There is so much more that you can do inside of the WordPress Back Office, but I will save that for another time.

Too often, programs are shoving way too much information down your throat at the beginning. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t do that, and neither will I. I have a very simple philosophy… the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method.

WordPress Posts/Pages

Go ahead and click on “Posts.” You will see a window that is similar to this.

On this screen, you will see any Published Posts as well as any Drafts you have started. As you can see on the screenshot provided, you will notice “Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership – Draft” at the very top of my list. It shows like this because I was taking screenshots on my laptop as I was creating this Post/Lesson for you.

On this screen, you will be able to Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, or Preview your Posts. But since you are just getting started, go ahead and click on “Add New.”

You will then be prompted with a screen where you are now able to create a Post for your website that will look like this.

Now, don’t get overwhelmed by everything that you see on here. It is quite a lot for someone who is just getting started. Go slow, take your time and get familiar with this.

For the purpose of showing you the basics of adding a new post, don’t worry about any of the AIOSEO setting just yet.

NOTE: Kyle covers AIOSEO settings very well in the training. Be sure to pay attention and follow along as it can be confusing for beginners.


Previewing Your Post/Page

One of the many great things about WordPress is that you can LIVE Preview any Post or Page that you are working on and you can see what it will actually look like on your website without hitting the “Publish” button.

But don’t worry. Even if you would hit the “Publish” button before you’re ready, you can simply go back into Posts and click on the Edit button on that specific post.

To see a live preview of the Post/Page you’re working on, simply click on “Save Draft” (bright green circle on screenshot) and then click on “Preview Post” (black circle on screenshot).

I like to do my Posts and Pages from start to finish in WordPress for that reason alone. You can simply save the draft and preview it in real time so that you know what it will actually look like online.

Want To Do More?

What I have shown you in this Post isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. I’m not a veteran when it comes to creating a website by any means. But within the last month I have spent more than 200 hours just getting more familiar with it and watching any training videos I can find.

In that time, I have learned how to:

• Create New Posts/Pages
• Manage Content
• Manage AIOSEO Settings
• Add/Edit Any Image Importing
• Use Jaaxy for Quality Keywords
• Create Engaging Content with Keywords
• Install New Plugins & Activate
• Install/Edit/Manage Menus
• Install New Themes
• And So Much MORE!

The more time you spend within the WA Platform the more you will learn. If there is something you cannot figure out from the training, ask the WA Community.

Upgraded at a Discounted Price

Everything Included When Upgrading To Premium With Wealthy Affiliate

The last thing I want to do is pressure anyone into spending money. That is not how I want you to feel here in the WA community.

My ONLY intention with this last section is to let you know the benefits of upgrading to Premium.

If you decide to upgrade from your Starter Membership to a Premium Membership within your first 7 days, you’ll get your first month of Premium for just $19! That’s a $30 savings!

And that’s exactly what I ended up doing. Don’t get me wrong, the FREE Starter Membership is awesome to get in and learn the Platform here at WA.

I’ve included a little screenshot above of everything I had access to from the second I upgraded to Premium.

#1 YouTube WordPress Video (My Recommendation)

I know some of you don’t like to follow along with an article. So, if you’re one of those people, here is an amazing YouTube Video on WordPress 101.

Questions Comments & Concerns

I really hope that I wasn’t too confusing here for you guys. That’s definitely the last thing that I want to do. So, if anything on here was confusing or you just need a little more information, drop a comment below with your question.

Until next time…


***While I do not get paid to write reviews, I am paid a small commission for anyone who signs up through my referral links on this page.***

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